Syzygy is the momentary alignment of celestial bodies and my studio work is often about aligning and ordering different source material to create more complex narratives around contemporary themes. Chance alignments sometimes create new lines of inquiry.

These paintings are the result of a dynamic process. Surfaces are made by constantly layering new strata then physically destroying them: through sanding, scraping, tearing and chemical erosion. The resolution often retains both a tension and an ambiguity between the physical presence of the surface and the illusions of space or objects.

There remains a sense of the architectural. Norbert Lynton wrote of my work “A visit to Italy, years ago, taught him the pleasure of facades… that the street or piazza runs slap up against them often, without the hiatus of a pavement… all Rogers’ images have something architectural about them, standing up before our eyes… announcing themselves as flat objects before we feel the sensations of movement and space worked into them.”

From the ‘Syzygy’ exhibition catalogue essay: ISBN 0 903189 62 3