Light Proof


Properties of light inform my work as a painter, but the poetic and metaphorical possibilities of staging light as a central element of installation has developed into an entirely separate strand of investigation and research for me.

Part of this has involved curating and organizing thematic events and exhibitions. Featured here are the two editions of “Light-Proof,” a bi-lateral event for Italian and UK artists, which I curated in June 2001 and 2002. These were group shows of low-budget light installations, dispersed on the sea terraces, beaches and riverbanks of the ‘Terrazza Mare’ nightclub in Jesolo Lido.

I have worked consistently on exhibiting my own work and managing cultural events outside of known venues. I am interested in engaging with people who wouldn’t normally attend, placing art within the places they frequent. ‘Light Proof’ attracted audiences of 3,000 each weekend it was staged, from clubbers unfamiliar with contemporary art. The shows were deliberately timed to coincide with the openings of the Venice Biennale in Art and Architecture.

Featured here (TL to BR) are works by Tony Stallard, Roberto Serena, Lulu Quinn & Julie Westerman, Raimondo Paisini, Carlo Bernadini, Nigel Talbot, Jane Mulfinger, Melanie Jordan and Andrew Hewitt, Andrea Baldo and Alan Rogers, Martin Richman, Emanuela Ficotta and Laura Schillardi.

Photographs: Alan Rogers.