‘Mutevoli Emozioni’

Galleria Studio Ambre, Milan 16/10/2014 – 30/10/2014

A group show featuring Elvezia Allari, Francoise Calcagno, Ivana Galli, Alan Rogers and Elio Talon.

Critical presentation by Professor Federica Mingozzi, curated by Olivia Bassetti and organised by Caterina Maggia for Studio Ambre.

My contribution to this exhibition is a small selection of photographs is from a single space: a collection of surfaces around a piazza in Chiusa Sclafani, Sicily. Over the last twenty years, I have been photographing, collecting and archiving ‘unconscious’ drawings and paintings. These are sections of walls or floors that have all the attributes of visual art: texture, complexity, diversity of mark, gesture and arresting colour combinations. However, these drawings are not created from first principles by an artist to exhibit in a gallery. They are the result of human activity: of re-posting information in a single place, re-painting and restructuring walls, changing usage, using graffiti. They are the result of natural forces acting on these surfaces: of wind, rain, decomposition, mould, heat and humidity. Certain spaces are redolent with histories: things have happened there. Traces can felt or imagined through time. This space is one of those.